How to install Crown
How to install Crown
A web site for understanding and cutting the compound angles for Crown Molding and cornice mouldings
Crown Moulding  faqs

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View of the return piece

Return to the wall miter and bevel

Overview of the the miter angles we'll cut.

The left outside miter

The right outside miter

Now if you want to do this with any other spring angle of crown, just go to the crown angle generator and plug in 135 degree wall angle.
Example: If it was a 45/45 spring angle.  Use 45 for the spring and get a 16.3 miter and 15.7 bevel.
For the miter to the wall you'd put in 90 for the wall angle and again 45 for the spring and you'd get a 35.3 miter and a 30 bevel for that cut.

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Frequently asked questions about cutting
and installing crown moulding.

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When it comes to estimating the labor on installing crown every project is different. Wall types & height, size and profile of crown, the material amount of corners, even where we can set up tools and how easy it is to get in and out.. a third floor walk up for example. So I go to each home and with experience can estimate the time to install, I've found there is no typical by foot cost. Plus every part of the country has different cost of living / master carpenter rates.

That said, if you live in the San Francisco bay area, if you have a 14X16 living room, if it only has inside corners, it's on the first floor with 8ft. ceilings, and you are using a 5 1/4 inch classical MDF crown. That would be an hour to install, plus travel / set-up and clean-up maybe 1.5 -2 hrs plus materials. $190.00 Less if we had more than one room to do. (Call us if you're in the SF north bay 707-823-5145)

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