How to install Crown
How to install Crown
A web site for understanding and cutting the compound angles for Crown Molding and cornice mouldings
Solution:   Cut the crown molding in position!
Problem :   Crown molding is too difficult.
Cutting Crown in Position
hich way, in position or on flat , you ask?

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"In position" you place the crown on it's angle and only use the miter.
Example:  If it's an 80 degree corner you just set the miter to 40.
Tip: You'll need a good protractor to get the corner angles, and crown-stops to hold it in position.

An example of crown moulding cut using the "in position" method.


this is 
 a lot   easier
than you may think 
crown molding can be fun


Get the crowns run

Get your measurements and get the corner angles with the protractor.


You're ready to cut your templates. All of your crown will be cut this way, the only thing that will change is the miter.


Set the crown stops

Crown stops

et more tips for nailing up your crown on the tips page?


Start with your outside corners and work into the inside corners.
The outsides need to be perfect the insides can be off, if forced to you can add a little caulking to an inside corner. 
Short runs are the most difficult to match up, so cut a couple of long pieces but start nailing up at the short outside corners. 


A protractor for in
 position crown


Mark out the studs if needed, and the rise of the crown using a "guage block" it's faster than measuring each one.

ifference of MDF crown and KD?          ee the material page!



Left Side:
Miter Right at 45
Save Right End of Cut

Right Side:
Miter Left at 45
Save Left End of Cut


Left Side:
Miter Left at 45
Save Right End of Cut

Right Side:
Miter Right at 45
Save Left End of Cut

This is a  NEW  protractor by Starret for crown.  It incudes tables! (Review coming soon)

The Good: It is much easier to measure & cut.  If you are a beginner use this method.
The bottom that you mark for the cuts is always up.  Only one angle to worry about, the "miter"
The bad:   If if moves slightly out of position you won't get a perfect cut. You can only cut crown that will fit on your saw sitting at it's spring angle.
The ugly: You have to cut it upside down and that makes the corner backwards, so you have to stay on your toes. Tip: Cut a couple of templates so you have a visual reference until you get used to it.

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This page last modified on Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Crown miters are only going to be as good as your saw is true. Read your manual and set up your saw so that it is square to the table and fence."

"Crown molding is a two person project. Get a partner then always work in inches so that it is less confusing."

"Use 1 1/2" wide painters tape when you mark out for the studs and put your rise marks on there as well so you'll know the crowns bottom position. Then just remove the tape."

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