How to install Crown
How to install Crown
A web site for understanding and cutting the compound angles for Crown Molding and cornice mouldings
Solution: Use a protractor like I show you below.
Crown Molding  the basics
Problem: What is a spring angle? How do I find it?
The most popular crown molding


With the 52/38 crown, you usually place the crown as in the picture to the left. 

The short run to the ceiling & the long rise to the wall, so you will have more crown on the wall than the ceiling.

With 45/45 crown, you typically will place the decorative elements to the bottom

This is called a dentil and typically the decorative element of the trim is placed on the bottom.

This is common element in crown molding it's shape is called an "ogee" Most of the time this will be at the ceiling.

In classical architecture this shape is known as a Cyma Recta
from the Greek words for
"wave" and "upright".

Solution: Typically more crown will go on the wall than ceiling see below.
Problem: Which way does the crown go?

Miter is moving the blade side to side to the angle on the table
(Miter: angle on table )

Bevel is moving the blade side to side to the angle on the arm
(Bevel: tilt of blade )

Solution: Bevel - tilt of the blade. Miter - angle on the table. See below.
Problem: What is the difference between a bevel and a miter?

Position the crown in a square like this and move it back and forth until the top and bottom flanges are as close as possible to meeting flush most are back about 2 degrees from the 90 (square). 

This is how you determine the spring angle using a prosite protactor.

The Red scale shows the angle for a miter cut and the Black scale shows the angle. These are set up to match your MITER SAW ANGLES

This is crown in position sitting at it's spring angle to the fence

The spring angle for this crown is 45/45 That isn't always the case. 45/45 and  52/38 are the most common but you will find others.



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it in action [Flash]

See spin and other views
Note:  20deg not the 34 deg
it in action [Flash]

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Wear saftey glasses. Keep track of your fingers. Secure the saw &
 support long pieces.

If you are a do it yourself handy person
or a seasoned pro, please be very careful. Read all of your tools safety guides and above all if it doesn't feel right just don't do it.

This is a  NEW  protractor by Starret for crown.  It incudes tables! (Review)

The spring angle is the angle from the wall to the back of your crown. The two most common spring angles are 38deg and 45deg. You need to know the spring angle to be able cut and install crown mouldings.
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